Mindful Meditation


I have been leading weekly mindfulness meditation at Lehigh for the past few years. These live sessions continue on a weekly basis during the academic year and will return in the fall either online or in-person. This has yet to be decided.

Regardless, if you aren’t available at that time, or if you’d like to meditate at another time, I am posting recordings of most meditation sessions here. I hope you find them helpful during these challenging times. If you have any comments or questions, please contact me at spn217@lehigh.edu

L’shalom – in Peace,

Rabbi Steve Nathan

Meditation on love and compassion 4/3/20

Meditation on staying grounded 4/10/20

Meditation on Uncertainty and Receiving Blessing 4/17/20

Meditation for Sending Blessing to the World 4/24/20

Meditation on “the pause between the notes” 5/1/20

Meditation on the Awakened Heart 5/8/20

Compassion in the face of fear 5/15/20

The Love That Never Dies 5/22/20

Sending Blessings to a World in Turmoil 6/5/20

Help Us Learn What We Need to Know 6/26/20

The Four Noble Truths of Life 7/17/20

The Wisdom of No Escape 7/24/20

More on Meditation and Loving Kindness 8/7/20

Why Meditate? 8/14/20

No True Story 9/9/20

Maitri – Being Present with Ourselves 9/30/20

Weather and the Four Noble Truths 10/28/20

A Meditation on Impermanence 11/4/20

What is True, What is False 11/18/20

Mindfulness and Refraining 12/2/20

Meditation Slogans: Do Everything with One Intention 12/16/20

Turning Arrows into Flowers (dealing with the things that get in the way) 12/23/20

Nothing Solid 1/20/21

Egolessness 2/10/21

Encountering the Edge 2/24/21

Staying in the Middle 3/24/21

Trust Yourself 3/31/21

The Facts of Life: Suffering 4/7/21

Hope and Fear 4/14/21

Lighten Up (and do something different) 4/21/21

The Four Reminders 4/28/21

Heaven and Hell 5/5/21

The Three Futile Strategies 5/12/21

The Opposite of Samsara (the cycle of suffering) 5/19/21

The Four Limitless Qualities (loving-kindness, compassion, joy & equinimity) 6/16/21

Cultivating Compassion and the Practice of Compassion

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