Humans of Lehigh Hillel


“I chose to be an intern so I could help the Jewish community connect amidst a pandemic. I wanted to help those at home or on campus battle the feelings of isolation by giving them the opportunity to remain in contact with Jewish peers and faculty members. I also wanted to help foster a feeling of inclusion and family for Jewish students at Lehigh. I am excited to get to know all of the returning students and to have some really rewarding conversations!”

-Simona Shur, Peer Engagement Intern



Hi everyone! My name is Deborah (I also go by Deb). I am the Communications Chair on Hillel board, which means I get the message out to you all about the events and programs that we have. This semester, I will specifically be sending out reminders for events using the Hillel GroupMe. Make sure to join (there’s a link in the newsletter) to get all the important messages! A little bit about me: I’m a twin, I play bass in orchestra and jazz, I’m a second-year English and German double major, and my favorite food is chocolate chip cookies. Can’t wait to see you all around!

-Deborah Walters, Communications Chair

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