Lehigh Student Stories

Building and Belonging.

Lehigh Jewish Student Center is taking on an organic meaning, definition and form.

There is not an insular “home” that embodies our Jewish Life. No longer are our Shabbat tables dressed in rows, and our circles present for songs and prayers. The physicality of Hillel is transforming before our eyes…

The construction is left for the students to be architects and to craft most creatively while supported by the staff. We will heal together. We will pray together. We will connect more than ever before.

We live in the digital era where our fingertips grip and unlock the global world with a mindless scroll, a “like” of a blue thumbs up button or a “love” with a red heart. Our digital community is stronger than we know, in fact a wave unlike ever before.

Rome was not built in a day, just as our platform will need molding and scalping. One of the childhood Jewish songs I grew up with was Trini Lopez’s recording of “If I had a Hammer” by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays. These lyrics resonate:

It’s the hammer of justice
It’s the bell of freedom
It’s the song about love between
My brothers and my sisters
All over this land

We need to pick up our hammer of justice, as simple as writing a blog post, the bell of freedom which may be a call to grandparents or loved ones and build this new Jewish world together.

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