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5 Reflections to Live your Life with More Meaning and Gratitude

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  1. Social Distancing does not mean mentally distancing from friends and family.

Virtual coffee dates and dinners with friends and loved ones are great ways to stay connected. We see a lot of Instagram challenges, as silly as they may be like push-up challenges, yet these are ways to stay in touch and connect. Plus 10 push-ups are great break for exercise & friendship!

2. You will be exhausted, accept this: the brain is more overwhelmed and overworked to compartmentalize Tasks

If you are feeling like your head is reeling with so much information all the time, your are NOT alone. We are more inundated with the news and media which is the cost of a social tool like a cellphone and staying informed. It is SO important to find your balance and carve out the best time management skills for separating the various functions of your daily routine. Try setting alarms on your phone & using your google calendar to your optimize top-notch time management.

3. We are not alone from the global world, we are more connected than ever before…

We rely on our friends in other parts of the world for clothes, agricultural goods, and lots of other consumption. Thank you Mexico for avocados! Yet, besides the transaction of the global world, we need to invest in humanity seeing that this pandemic does not know no race, politic, class, language, culture, or religion. We are all in this together because the entire world is impacted.

4. Living day to day helps manage stress and appreciate the gift of life.

Worrying about tomorrow, next week, or next month simply will not get you anywhere. We do not know how long this quarantine will truly last. We do not know a treatment for the Coronavirus. These uncertainties are well, certain! Right now, invest in each day rather than the long-run and you will feel more gratitude living in the present moment as well as prioritize your mental health

5. You do not have to write the next book of the century, focus on self-care instead.

Shakespeare wrote King Lear when he was quarantined a few decades soon after Issac Newton discovered early calculus equations. Yet, our obsession with production is not as romantic as it seems. We need to accept that there will be a lot to process in the coming days, weeks, and months and yes, if writing a book inspires you by all means write a book. We just need to accept that success can be measured by staying in your pj’s all afternoon, watching Netflix, and calling friends.

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