Lehigh Student Stories

5 Tips for Quarantining in the Most Inspiring Designed Space

By: Chloe Goldstein

  1. Create different set-ups in your spaces when you feel uninspired. I have turned my apartment into an office, a gym space, and a total relaxation scene with candles and yoga. These spaces should be easy and flexible and can change whenever you feel like it!
  2. Embrace minimalism. De-clutter items you do not need anymore in your house to breathe in new energy. I highly suggest Marie Kondo’s “does this spark joy” mentality.
  3. Rearrange household items. Sometimes changing where a painting is hung in one room to moving your bed in a new angle, can be all you need for a better day. This is the space we are defined in for now, and it is important to feel motivated and not face the mundane.
  4. Aroma is good for the soul. Light candles, incense, open windows, bake chocolate chip cookies, use essential oils, and more for smelling fresh and positive vibes in your house.
  5. Mood Boosting Spotify Playlist. When you have downtime and need more inspiration, listen to mood booster!

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