Let Go

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE My roommate downloaded an app called “Let Go”–it is where you take pictures of items you’d like to sell and see if you get any potential buyers. In my last week of living in Allentown, we sold all of our furniture.

Like a revolving door, the stools that outlined my kitchen counter top were gone. Our green plush couch left. And our TV stand sold. We were left with an empty eggshell of an apartment.

The funny thing about materials is that the attachment you hold onto a chair, couch, or stools was never about the items to begin with–it was always about the feeling connected to the items. The memories of relaxing on a couch contributed to my growing sense of ease and stability in a place I could call my home for two years.

When the items left, I knew it was my time to leave as well.

Two words resonated with me as I tapped Home Depot boxes shut, and barely slept the night of my departure: Let Go.

If I am learning any lessons during this global pandemic it is to be flexible and to let go. If there ever was a time to be comfortable with the uncomfortable it is now.

Not knowing how to properly end a zoom meeting, sitting in a makeshift office space in your bedroom, and veering to the other side of the street when a neighbor walks by are slight inconveniences, but we adapt and persevere to these changes.

We need to let go to what was and accept what is.  

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